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Nursing home: old man with caregiver

Care Services in Wolverhampton

At Debbie Anne's Personal Assistants, we provide a range of home care services for those in need of extra support in their day-to-day lives.

Woman holding senior woman's hand on bed

End-of-Life Care

At Debbie Anne’s Personal Assistants, we offer compassionate and comprehensive care services to support individuals and their families through difficult times. Our trained and experienced assistants provide assistance with daily activities, emotional support and pain management to help improve quality of life. We work closely with families and healthcare professionals to develop personalised care plans that meet the unique needs and wishes of each individual. Let us help you and your loved one navigate this challenging time with care and compassion. We can help with:

  •  Pain

  •  Breathing problems

  •  Skin irritation, including itching

  •  Digestive problems

  •  Temperature sensitivity

  •  Fatigue

Dementia Care

People suffering with this heart wrenching disease will need a personalised care plan to ensure they receive the proper care they need and deserve. We have taken care of numerous people living with dementia. The illness itself is not harmful but the consequences of having it without the supervision of someone caring and professional may cause serious problems, not just to the clients, but also the other family members living under one roof.

At Debbie Anne’s Personal Assistants, we care for these clients with compassion and respect so that they can live the most fulfilled life possible, giving family members peace of mind. Taking good care of people with dementia is what we do with immense professionalism and empathy. We have highly experienced personal assistants who will provide an unrivalled care service.

Senior Man with a Care-giver in an Elderly Daycare Center
home care nurse and elderly patient

Medication Assistance

Medication assistance is for people who have received hospital treatment following surgery or an acute illness and need care and support to rest, recover and rehabilitate. In most cases, care is provided as short-term or intermediate care, although depending on the severity, it may or may not involve nurse-led care or complex care. We work alongside healthcare professionals to meet the needs of every individual client.

Post-operative rehabilitation and medication care are focused on making you comfortable to enhance your recovery while supporting you in rebuilding life skills, confidence, and independence to enable you to live well with an improved quality of life. Medication assistance after surgery will involve achieving clear goals over a specific time, allowing you to get back to the life you have always had.

Happy elderly patient talking with nurse at home

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