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Additional Support Services in Wolverhampton

At Debbie Anne's Personal Assistants, we provide a range of home care services for those in need of extra support in their day-to-day lives.

Nurse in nursing home giving drink to elderly woman sitting in wheelchair

Feeding Assistance

Long-term clients should be encouraged to remain independent and feed themselves whenever possible. However, there are many reasons why a client may require feeding assistance. Physical problems (for example, being unable to hold a fork, tremors that prevent putting spoon to mouth, etc.) or cognitive issues (such as forgetting how to eat) can result in an individual requiring feeding assistance.

Even those who can feed themselves may require help with tray set-up. Some clients will become “feeders” when they cannot feed themselves. Proper identification of feeding problems and appropriate interventions can increase the nutrient intake and overall health and well-being of vulnerable adults in long-term care.

Shopping Services

While many people consider care to be support with personal care or medication administration, we also focus on the other tasks that many people may forget such as running errands, grocery shopping and support with social activities.

Whether you want someone to just pop in a couple of times a week to take you to your social club or are in need of a little more time, we can plan care which fits around your schedule. With visits from just 1 hour per week to full-time support, you can really pick how much assistance you need.

Your personal assistant can complete shopping tasks, paperwork, attend appointments with you, offer concierge services and help to access your local community.

a nurse and an old woman in a wheelchair
UK nurse visiting senior woman at home

Companionship Sits

One of our personal assistants will call and accompany you where you wish to go or sit with you and spend quality time with you. They will become a familiar trusted friendly face to help and share in your interests and also offer companionship.

Also, if family members cannot always be with you and worry about leaving you alone, Debbie Anne’s Personal Assistants can visit when they have to go out. By having someone who calls when expected, people feel happier and have something to look forward to. Sharing a hobby or having a friendly chat can make someone’s day special. We are able to assist with walking your dog, collecting your pension, using public transport. Or, if you are just in need of someone to talk to or even play card games with, we're here to help.

Assistant In The Retirement Community Playing Dominos With Senior Women

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